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Quim Moya
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Artista visual co-fundador l’any 2006 de la Cia. Càndida d’espectacles de pintura en directe, amb qui han participat en diferents projectes i fes- tivals com la Fira de Tàrrega, Tollwood Festival de Munic, o la Terras- se de Paris i ha ofert el seu llenguatge per marques com Mercedes, Munich, Vodafone, Bosch, Citroën, Huawei, Maserati, Intel o Puma.
Ha compartit escenari amb Llibert Fortuny, Oskar Benas, Marta Carrasco, Joan Font (Comediants), Judit Ferrés, Suitcase Brothers, Quick Crew, Felipe Mejías, Rita Ora,...
Des de fa poc més d’un any, porta el seu espectacle de pintura en directe en solitari i ha actuat a Barcelona, Madrid, Donostia, Marrakech, Casablanca, Kuwait, Mumbai (Índia), Krabi (Tailandia), etc.
Artista visual cofundador en 2006 de la Cía. Cándida de espectáculos de pintura en directo, con quienes han participado en diferentes proyectos y festivales como la Feria de Tàrrega, Tollwood Festival de Munich, o la Terrasse de Paris...
Ha compartido escenario con Josep Berenguel, Llibert Fortuny, Oskar Benas, Marta Carrasco, Joan Font (Comediants), Judit Ferrés, Suitcase Brothers, Quick crew, Rita Ora,...
Desde el 2012, propone su espectáculo de pintura en directo en solitario. En esta nueva aventura y en poco tiempo, ya ha actuado muchas partes de España así como eventos espectaculares al internacional en Marrakech, Qatar,Mumbai (India), Krabi (Tailandia) o Kuwait City...
Quim Moya ha ofrecido su lenguaje artístico para marcas como Mercedes, Correos, Wella, SAP, British Telecom, Vodafone, Maserati, Bosch, Puma, Huawei, Citroën, Viva Telecom, Cadillac, URC Bank, Marlboro, Schwarzkopf, Porsche y varios clientes particulares.
He is a visual and avant-gardist artist who explores lot of possibilities
in Arts and more specifically painting.
He has studied in different Catalan schools of Arts and followed specializa-
tions in graphic, design and multimedia communications.
In 2006, he was co-founder of Candida Company. It was his first experience
to perform in live in speed-painting.
The success of his first “Luz Painting” pushed him to follow in that direc-
tion and he made of it his specialty.
He shared the stage with Josep Berenguel, Llibert Fortuny, Oskar Benas,
Marta Carrasco, Joan Font (Comediants), Quick Style, Thomas Barentin, Suit-
case Brothers...
Since the last years, he has participated in many Festivals as Tàrrega, Tollwood Festival in München, Terrasse de Paris and he performed for lot of brands as Mercedes, Vodafone, Bosch, Marlboro, SAP, Wella, Spanish Post Office, MTC, Schwarzkopf, Intel, Puma, Huawei, Maserati, British Telecom, Porsche, Cadillac, etc. Furthermore, he has painted lot of particular faces in weddings, birthdays and private events in Thailand, Qatar,Morroco, Kuwait, Spain or India.
Quim Moya, painter performer is acting on stage with a frenetic rhythm.
The artwork of the painting is revealed at the end of the soundtrack, af-
ter few minutes. An astonishing effect made by the black-light permits to
discover the painted contains.
Stage size:
4x2m (approx)
Between 6 and 8 minutes
CD player or USB
The sound equipment should depend of the venue and no of assistants.
For a better effect, it is recommended darkness in the audience. White
Light will be used during the performance
1 UV light (black-gun 400W) – Warning: Blue-congo is not ok.
Paint Framework:
Wood framework > 1,9m x 1,9m
Black Carpet > 2,5m x 1m (to protect the stage)
Elements bring by the artist:
Canvas, paints products, brushes and music track